Southview Table by Young Adults


















Executive Producer: Jesus Christ

Producer: Sean Lee

Script Writer: Cindy Simba, Ryan Cox, Sean Lee

Music: Eduardo Figueroa

Recording / Editing: Sean Lee

Graphic: Eduardo Figueroa, Sean Lee

Social Media Marketing: Steve Aura, Mack Menge, Ryan Cox, Melody Figueroa. 

Liaison to KMOJ: Tim Olson

Southview Young Adults Panels: Sean (Host), Cindy (Co-host), Ed (Co-host), Mack (Co-host), Linda, Alysha, Melody, Jude, Hayes, Oliver, Becky, Cindy, Matt. 

Special Guests: Dr. Jon McIver, Mr. Marty Wood, and Mr. Tim Olson, Mrs. Alison Pichel.