Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church

5750 Wentworth Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55419-1817

Upcoming Events

Young Adult Vespers - Mar 27, Fri 7:00 PM - Young Adult Vespers is every Friday night at 7pm at the church...
First Service - Mar 28, Sat 9:00 AM - First Worship Service Speaker:  Pastor Dustin Hall...
Sabbath School - Mar 28, Sat 10:20 AM - Bible Study - Sabbath School Various classes for all ages:...
Second Service - Mar 28, Sat 11:30 AM - Second Worship Service Speaker:  Pastor Dustin Hall...
Guitar Group - Mar 30, Mon 7:00 PM - Meet in the Music Room
School Board Meeting - Apr 14, Tue 7:00 PM - Regular monthly meeting of the school board
Church Board Meeting - Apr 21, Tue 7:00 PM - Regular Monthly meeting of the Church Board (normally on the...
Facilities Committee Meeting - Apr 28, Tue 7:00 PM

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Welcome to Southview Online

In preparation for the soon return of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Southview Church is to minister to our family, friends, and community with His love, acceptance and forgiveness. 
"Strengthening the Family of God by growing the family of God." Our 2015 Vision Theme!
Prayer Life Inventory (a PDF file).  A resource for our Week Of Prayer Emphasis.

New Series January 31 through February 21, 2015 with Pastor Hall

Video Archive of recent Church Services and Sermon Study Guides!

Pictures from the November 29, 2014 Baptisms can be viewed here (soon).

Pictures from the October 4, 2014 Baptisms can be viewed here Part 1 and Part 2.

Pictures from the November 1, 2014 Baptisms can be viewed at these links Part 1 & Part 2 (Adults) and Part 3 & Part 4 (Youth).

When God Makes A Promise

A Revival Event - Has Ended!

If you missed it, watch online from our Video Archive or order a complete set of DVDs OR ANY OTHER DVDs using this DVD Request Form !

We have the Seminar Study Guides available for each evening's study, to view or download the When God Makes A Promise Study Guide(s) click HERE.

Check out our youth website
We hope you will join us for worship on Saturday morning or attend one of the many  activities on our calendar

Southview has a new Senior Pastor - Dustin Hall !!!

We are happy to welcome Pastor Dustin, his wife Kelly and their children to our church family!
Meet Pastor Dustin Hall in Action on a typical Sabbath morning.

Some pictures from a typical Sabbath morning Worship Service.

We have a NEW High Quality Live Stream (during worship service times) for Everyone (including mobile and Apple devices)!

We have MP3 files of the Sermons.
 Click here to see lineup

Would you like to have a Sermon Outline/Study Guide of the Pastor's sermon so you can follow along during the Sabbath morning Sermon?
Here is a link to get the Sermon Outlines. 
(These are not the Revival Seminar Study Guides.)

3ABN has changed channels
A great Bible reading plan for reading through the Bible in a year by the Voice of Prophecy starts you out in the more interesting books first like Genesis and Exodus then jumps to the New Testiment, leaving the more difficult-to-understand sections till later after you've firmly established your Bible-reading habit. Click here for the VOP Bible Reading Plan.  You'll probably be able to read each day's selection in 15 to 20 minutes.

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