Reopening Announcements

Southview is open!



RSVP sign-up is not required anymore 

Streaming Service Ongoing

  • We will continue to have our service streamed online through YouTube and Facebook
  • If you are not ready to join the in-person worship service, continue to stream worship with us at home 

Church doors open at 10:00 am

  • Enter the church starting at 10:00 am for Worship 
  • Earlier access granted to the AV team and other service participants 

Masks are required

  • Masks are required at all times when you are in the church building
    • The only exceptions are those who are:
      • Actively participating in the service
      • Those under 2 years of age
  • Please bring your own mask. There will be a few masks available for those who forgot their own. 

Assigned seating

  • Attendees will be assigned seats upon their arrival at the church in order to keep social distancing.  
  • Attendees need to sit where they are assigned 
  • Remain distanced from others that may be seated nearby

Limit restroom use

  • Only one person (or family) allowed in the restroom at a time
  • Wait to use the restroom on 6’ spacing marks, if needed. 

No food or drink

  • Food and drink are not permitted in House of Prayer, except water.  
  • Please bring a water bottle if you feel you will need a drink.  
  • The church’s drinking fountains have been turned off

Sabbath School

  • In-person Sabbath School panel discussion begins at 10:00 am. (This discussion will be streamed)
  • Virtual sabbath school discussion (Via Zoom) is open for anyone on Sabbath morning 9:00 - 10:00. (Please read the Southview App announcement for more detailed information)
  • Children’s Sabbath School will be from 9-10am via Zoom
  • Adult Sabbath School will stream from roughly 10-11am and will also be shown in the sanctuary for on-site worshippers to watch while the sanctuary is seated

Nursery Closed

  • House of Prayer’s Nursery will be closed
  • Nursing Mothers must practice social distancing
  • The Nursing Mother’s room will be accommodated in another room inside of House of Prayer

Bibles and Hymnals Removed

  • Bring your own Bible
  • Hymnals are not needed (We will not have congregational singing) 
  • Bibles and hymnals have been removed from pews to reduce contact.  

Children’s story

  • Children must remain in their seats for Children’s Story, rather than come forward and sit together

Organized dismissal

  • Wait for dismissal directions to get out in an orderly manner 
  • The presiding Elder will coordinate the dismissal of the congregation

(Revised 05/04/2021)