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This page is updated weekly, with the study guides.  If you would like to view the prevoius services use the media player at the bottom of this page.
April 30, 2016 The Emperor's New Clothes     Study Guide     Video

April 2, 2016 Building Community- Finding Our Personal Hallelujah   Study Guide

February 20, 2016 Following the Lamb in a World of Beasts    Study Guide

February 13, 2016 The Power that Makes Love Powerless  Study Guide

January 30, 2016 Because of Their Feet    Study Guide

January 23, 2016 Sabbath Longings   Video    Study Guide

January 9, 2016 Discovering our Puspose Part 2: Rest is the Test   Study Guide.  Video

January 2, 2016 Purpose, Position, and Posessions Video

December 26, 2015 Study Guide

December 12, 2015 Jesus, Servant to Angels   Study Guide   Video

November 28, 2015 Jesus Changes Everything    Study Guide   

November 14, 2015 "A Holiday Warm-Up"   Study Guide   Video

October 24, 2015 "Give To Live"   Study Guide    Video

Almost Home Fall Revival (Oct. 9-17)

Night #1- How Do I Know That I Want to Go Home? Study Guide  Video

Saturday a.m. #2- A Brother's Love Part 1 Study Guide   Video

Night #2- A Brother's Love Part 2 Study Guide   Video

Night #3- Always a Place at the Table Study Guide   Video

Night #4- Pathway of the Prodigal Study Guide   Video

Night #5 (Oct. 13)- Why Can't We Talk Anymore? Study Guide   Video

Night #6- Family Reunion Study Guide    Video

Night #7- Are We There Yet? Study Guide       Video

Night #8- When Daddy Returns Study Guide

Saturday a.m. #9- The Comfort of Home Study Guide

Night #9- Almost Home Study Guide

Sabbath morning sermons:

September 19- Dying to Live Study Guide Watch Here

September 12- Chaos, Character, and Christ Study Guide   Watch Here

September 5- Unlikely Heroes- Understanding the Bible as a Living Story  Study Guide   

August 29 - How to Rebuild a Temple: Study Guide    Watch Here

August 22 - How The Church Became a Temple: Study Guide   Watch Here

August 15 - A Song For Creation: Study Guide   Watch Here

July 18 - The Story of Justice: Study Guide     Watch Here

July 12- Surely This is the Son of God   Watch Here

July 4 - The Last Great Battle for Freedom: Study Guide    Watch Here

June 27 -   Saul and the Super Heroes: Study Guide     Watch Here

June 6 -   The Prodigal's Mother: Study Guide   

May 9 -   Does God Harden Hearts? How Blessings Can Become Curses: Study Guide   Watch Here

May 2 -   Soul Purpose: Study Guide   Watch Here

April 25 -   When God Calls Our Kids: Study Guide  Watch Here

April 18 -   Cain in All of Us: Study Guide   Watch Here

April 11 -   Redeeming the Nominating Committee: Study Guide
April 4 -     No Study Guide
March 28 -   No Study Guide
March 21 -   No Study Guide
March 14  -  Comfort One Another; Study Guide
March 7  -  Hope in Prophecy: Study Guide
February 28  - The Blood, the Body, the Building ; Study Guide

The following 4 videos are from God Cares About Your Love Life series:
February 21 (video) This video is available in the DVD set ONLY -  Real Life Questions and Answers; Study Guide; God Cares, Part 4
February 14 (video) -  Addicted to Love; Study Guide; God Cares, Part 3
February 7 (video) -  Why God Made Marriage  Study Guide; God Cares, Part 2
January 31 (video) -  Lonely Hearts Club  Study Guide; God Cares, Part 1
January 24 (video) - -New Beginnings, Part 4: Resurrection: Study Guide
January 17 (video) -  New Beginnings, Part 3: Big Things Big Fears; Study Guide
January 10 (video) - New Beginnings, Part 2:  Letting God Lead;  Study Guide
January 3 (video) - New Beginnings, Part 1: Had Not Moses:  Study Guide

December 27 (video) - Title; Communion - No Study Guide
December 20 (no video recorded this week) - One Holy Night; Christmas Program no Study Guide this week
December 13 (video) - The Light to Choose - Human Right from Christmas Light; Study Guide
December 6 (video) - 1st Service, Without the Ornaments:  Study Guide
November 29 (video) - The Manger or the Mob; Study Guide
November 22 (video) - Live Thanks - Southview Thanksgiving Program; No Study Guide this week
November 15 (video) - How An Uncertain Faith Can Save; Study Guide
November 8 (video) - Pathfiinder Sabbath; No Study Guide this week
November 1 (video) - Youth Sabbath - 15 Baptisms! - Why I Want to Know Jesus - Michael Omambia, Leah Otieno & Becca Denniston
October 25 (video) - Sympathy for Noah: Piercing the Darkness of Depression; Study Guide and additional resource Distorted Thoughts.doc.
October 18 (video) - When You Disagree With God; Study Guide.
October 11 - Guest Speaker - Elder Yabesh Nyakango (not archived here)

The following are videos from When God Makes a Promise - A Revival Event:
Sept 26 Friday (video) - 1st evening - A Promise Before Time Began; Study Guide.
Sept 27 Sabbath (video) - Church Service - A Promise for the Pursuit; Study Guide.
Sept 27 Sabbath (video) - 2nd evening - The Purpose for the Promise; Study Guide.
Sept 28 Sunday (video) - 3rd evening - When God Became a Suitor; Study Guide.
Sept 29 Monday (video) - 4th evening - A Promise in the Worst of Places; Study Guide.
Sept 30 Tuesday (video) - 5th evening - When God Became a Promise; Study Guide.
Oct 1 Wednesday (video) - 6th evening - When Kings Fall; Study Guide.
Oct 2 Thursday (video) - 7th evening - Simply Jesus, Part 1 (Son of God); Study Guide.
Oct 3 Friday (video) - 8th evening - Simply Jesus, Part 2 (Son of Man); Study Guide.
Oct 4 Sabbath (video) - Church Service - A Promise in the Heavens; Study Guide.
Oct 4 Sabbath (video) - 9th evening - What Darkness Fears the Most; Study Guide.

Sabbath morning sermons:
September 20- Take Your Dirt With You; Study Guide.
September 13- A God for Saints & Sinners; Study Guide.
September 6- Scripture and the Authority of God; Study Guide.
August 30- Jesus Always/Grace Always; Study Guide.
August 23- The First Thing God Said; Study Guide.
August 16- Re-Viewing the Invisible God - Pastor Dustin Hall’s first message at Southview! Study Guide.

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