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Live Video Streaming - Southview Worship Services

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwjPLYbQfXQ&feature=shareSabbath Mornings from 9:00 A.M. to ~10:15 and from 11:30 to ~12:45 P.M. Central Time!

We are now using YouTube streaming  The link below should be current each week.  Sometimes we don't get it up right in time.  If you subscribe to our You Tube channel you should get a notification whenever we start streaming Feedback is welcome
Click Here


Church Streaming & Podcast License - CSPL015411 - Exp. Date 1/31/2016.
Church Copyright License - 1118775 - Exp. Date 2/29/2016. (Leap day!)

This is the page you should bookmark so you can easily return here to watch our worship services on Sabbath mornings. 

Please keep our A/V Ministry in your prayers!
If you are having problems, during the times we are streaming, Please Call the Church at 612-861-3510 and ask for one of the AV Technicians to help you.  This video stream is available to everyone, you do NOT need to login to watch it (during the times we are streaming).
Wonderful News!!!  We are back re-broadcasting our services on our local 3ABN channel 33-1
Locally (Twin Cities metro area) on Channel 33-1 over-the-air TV Station K33LN-D, which downlinks the 3ABN programming.  Click for a coverage map for this TV station which is broadcasting from the top of the IDS Tower.
We re-broadcast at the following times:
Sundays at 12:00 noon
Mondays at 6:00 pm
Thursdays at 4:00 am
and Fridays at 10:00 am
Also on Proclaim 33-2 6:00 P.M. daily

Please leave us feedback if you try out our streaming,   Please let us know you are watching and how it worked for you.  Please leave us comments about your experience. 

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Please let us know you are watching, thank you.

Mark Trana
2013-12-21 10:12 AM

Huge complement to your video steaming. We are currently watching with our iPad using airplay to view on out tv. The quality of picture and sound are very good. Thank you for investing in your time and money to get this service upgraded. 

Lavon Rosendahl
2013-12-28 11:10 AM

Love when you show views of the audience and from different angles as this makes it much more interesting and real (than a straight camera shot of the person leading the song for instance) - would love to see more of this. Thanks. The live streaming is working good.

Roger Koseruba
2014-01-25 2:00 PM

I loved your service. I would like to add that I would like to know the peoples names as they are talking or singing. Great job on your transmission . Roger, LaVerne Devnich's cousin from Saskatoon SK. Canada.

K. David
2014-05-03 3:15 PM

I have often driven past your church and admired the beautifully maintained grass and flowers.  It always looks lovely, even in the heat of summer!  For some reason I checked your website and found this streaming broadcast and watched today.  Very good reception on my iPad.  I enjoyed it very much, and will try and remember to make this a part of my weekend routine!

Tom Rogers
2014-05-21 1:37 PM

We are looking to start a streaming service for our church, so I am interested in how you do this. This would be something I am new at, even though I am a Systems Administrator by profession. Email me when you can. Thx

Ruth Otieno
2014-10-04 2:17 PM

Much better today, my family and i enjoyed watching it online. I thank God that we have this service availaible and can still be a part of God's family both in spirit and live even in times when we cannot physically attend the service. I used this online service earlier on in the year and it was very bad, i was only able to watch for about 15 minutes and the audio completely stopped working. Today, everything was perfect. Great improvement and God bless.

Steve Aura
2015-10-11 9:56 PM

It's truly a blessing to have the live streaming service, especially when I am away for college and it’s hard for me to make it to the revival series or at times the Sabbath. Everything is running smoothly on Windows 7, Google Chrome web browser.


2015-12-19 10:30 AM

2016-01-16 12:53 PM

Not Live streaming today